Outline of the
Western Libertarian Alliance
in the form of an e-mail to Michael Voth,
Second of Two Messages

From L. Neil Smith

Sat, 2 Nov 1996 06:26:37 -0700

Dear Michael:

         I've decided to post my notes on the formation of WLA, so you and our mutual friends can get an idea where I'm headed with it. I mean to do everything in the clear light of day, without secrets. Our most effective weapon will be implacability. To that end, WLA will pursue a policy of stringent, no-compromise criteria for members, candidates, and positions on issues. Let others, in other organizations, do what they will in this regard, WLA will be rigorous and reliable.
         Some of these points are self-explanatory, others are not -- this is just an outline after all. Some may seem to contradict others, which is my way of setting up as many win-win situations as possible. As I said in my first message, I plan to write an essay on each point that merits it, ending up with a book and a series of lectures on taking back our movement, our country, and our future.
         I won't waste time arguing with anyone about any of this or trying to convert anyone. I'll simply gather up those willing to work with me. Comments are welcome, but I don't want to hear what's wrong with any of this, or why it won't work, simply which part you're interested in helping with. I'm plan to defy all Libertarian precedent by not talking this to death; I'm just going to do it.


Western Libertarian Alliance

"Not A Militia"

WLA Members will be rated (A, B, C, or D), depending on how many of these items they agree with:

Non-Aggression Principle
Covenant of Unanimous Consent
Bill of Rights Enforcement (essay-1, essay-2, essay-3, essay-4.)
Total eradication of socialism in America


Supports more cultural effort than political
Must come from outside the movement
Must come from victims and/or potential victims of the State


Defunding California, etc. for human rights violations
Breaking relations with England, Canada for same reason
Canadian annexation
Relentless effort to prosecute Waco Massacre, et al.
Impeachment of Bill Clinton
Draft bill of impeachment for distribution
Circulate petitions demanding introduction of bill

Conference on non-corrupting human systems
FIJA liaison (see also Constitutional Amendments, below)
Juror's creed dissemination
Judge reviews and ratings (nationwide)
Virtual Supreme Court

Land reform
Constitutional Amendments
100-year Moratorium on all legislation (except repeals)
Abolition of government secrecy
Corporations bound by Bill of Rights
Emancipation from insurance slavery
Government banned from civil courts (except as defendant)
Only those who pay taxes may vote on them
Overseas Bill of Rights enforcement
Net tax recipients may not vote
Person may not be sued for anything he was criminally acquitted of
Police and federal abuses
Politicians punished for lying to public
Separation of science/medicine and state
Supersedure of Constitution over treaties
Taxpayers' Equity Amendment
Texas independence and states' right to secede

Seizures and forfeiture liaison
Truth-in-Environmentalism project
Vietnam-era type effort to end the War on Drugs

Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus

Libertarian Sporting Automobile Club

Libertarian Smokers' Alliance Committee

Libertarian Society for the Annexation of Canada

County-by-county recruitment
A candidate in every race in America
"Outgrab" efforts:

Western LPs, including Canada
Prometheus Award
Republican precinct caucuses, county and state parties

Model LP Platform
National Recall Coordinating Committees

Media of Our Own

The Libertarian Enterprise
Libertarian radio talkshows
Libertarian syndicated columns
Public access TV
The "Voters' Reservations" Web Page
Politician and governmental unit ratings
Audio and video tapes
Lever Action Essays on audio tape
Basic Libertarianism lecture series on video
Formal curriculum and graduation ceremonies
Acknowledgement of various achievement levels

National Libertarian Speakers' Bureau
Speakers' training

SPAM League
Websites and BBS network coordination
Volunteer Crossposters
Editorial Letter Writers
Talkshow callers

National Conference on Media Reform
The "Dirty Laundry" Web Page (w/TLE)
McCarthyism in media seminars

Defamantion of Libertarians
Exclusion of Libertarians

Movement rewards for its artists seminar

Publishing House of Our Own

Libertarian fiction
Libertarian Encyclopedia
"Information vacuum" white papers for distribution to:
City and County bodies
First class production values, or forget it
Every day commemorates some Libertarian event
Paintings and photos illustrate important things
(Like FIJA, Second Amendment, etc.)

Guidebooks on home schooling
(So good everybody will want to use them)

Libertarian children's books

Youth Organization

Handbook (patterned on 1950s scout manual)

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