The Probability Broach

by L. Neil Smith

         The book that started it all. In a deadly conflict with murderous federal agents, Denver homicide detective Win Bear is accidentally blown "sideways" in time, into the "North American Confederacy", where the Whiskey Rebellion succeeded in 1794 and government has grown less powerful ever since.
         1980/81 Prometheus Award winner, republished by Tor Books in 1997.
         (See also "The Spirit of Exmas Sideways", Alternatives, edited by Robert and Pamela Crippen Adams, Baen Books, 1989. Trying to make a place for himself in the stateless North American Confederacy, Win Bear discovers the many joys and difficulties of absolute self-ownership.)

New York: A Del Rey Book Published by Ballantine Books, 1980.

275 pages, mass-market paperback

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 79-90098

ISBN 0-345-28593-X

First Edition: January 1980

Cover painting by Barney Plotkin.