The Nagasaki Vector

by L. Neil Smith

         Is a culture with an absolute regard for individual rights really helpless against those who would destroy it? Professional time traveler Bernie Gruenblum hires Win Bear to track down the stolen flying saucer ... who loves him.
         (Based on the short stories "Grimm's Law", "Folger's Factor", and "Grandfather Clause" which appeared in Stellar Science Fiction Stories #s 5, 6, & 7, Del Rey Books, 1980 & 1981. See also "The Embarrassment Box" in New Libertarian #187.)

New York: A Del Rey Book Published by Ballantine Books, 1983

242 pages, mass-market paperback

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 82-90891

ISBN 0-345-30382-2

First Edition: April 1983

Cover art by Rick Sternbach