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News about the Books of L. Neil Smith

April 4, 2002: The American Zone, a Prometheus finalist

March 7, 2002: Hope was designated the "Freedom Book of the Year for 2001" by

November 23, 2001: The American Zone Ships!

October 1, 2001: Added the cover illustrations for The American Zone and the new trade paperback edition of The Probability Broach to the Books Page with links to pre-order them from

April 24, 2001: More About Lever Action along with some news about The American Zone (November 2001) and the reprint of The Probability Broach (December 2001) [New!]

April 21, 2001: Forge of the Elders Now Available in Paperback from Baen Books [New!]

April 4, 2001: Lever Action has been published! [New!]

March 4, 2001: The Probability Broach is being re-printed to accompany Neil's new The American Zone in October or November from Tor Books.

May 16, 2000: Texas ueber Alles news

July 1999: The Mitzvah by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith was awarded the Free Market Net Freedom Book of the Month Award!

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October 8, 1998: Bretta Martyn is out in paperback!

Bretta Martyn is also out in an electronic edition for the Rocket eBook device from Barnes &

January 24, 2000: The Forge of the Elders is finally out in a complete edition!

January 14, 1999: The WarDove has been reissued!

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