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L. Neil Smith -- Vita


The Probability Broach, Del Rey, 1980, 273 pp.
The Venus Belt, Del Rey, 1980, 211 pp.
Their Majesties' Bucketeers, Del Rey, 1981, 192 pp.
Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu, Del Rey, 1983, 182 pp.
Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon, Del Rey, 1983, 181 pp.
Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of Thonboka, Del Rey, 1983, 181 pp.
The Nagasaki Vector, Del Rey, 1983, 242 pp.
Tom Paine Maru, Del Rey, 1984, 273 pp.
The Gallatin Divergence, Del Rey, 1985, 223 pp.
The WarDove, Ace (Berkley), 1986, 223 pp.
The Crystal Empire, Tor, 1986, 449 pp.
Brightsuit MacBear, Avon, 1988, 212 pp.
Taflak Lysandra, Avon, 1988, 230 pp.
Contact and Commune, Warner (Questar), 1990, 199 pp.
Converse and Conflict, Warner (Questar), 1990, 199 pp.
Henry Martyn, Tor, 1989, 437 pp. (Grafton edition, UK, 1989.)
Pallas, Tor, 1993, 447 pp.
The Lando Calrissian Adventures, (Omnibus), Del Rey, 1994, 409 pp.
The Probability Broach, (paperback) original version, TOR Books, 1996, 305 pp.
Bretta Martyn, Tor Books, 1997, 381 pp.
Bretta Martyn, (paperback) Tor Books, 1998, 433 pp.
The Mitzvah, with Aaron Zelman, (paperback) Mazel Freedom Press, 1999, 245 pp.
Forge of the Elders, Baen Books, 2000, 534 pp.
Hope, with Aaron Zelman, (paperback) Mazel Freedom Press, 2001, 440 pp.
The American Zone, Tor Books, 2001, xxx pp.
The Probability Broach, Tor Books, 2001 xxx pp. (trade paperback)


Lando Calrissian und die Geistharfe von Sharu, Goldmann, 1984.
Lando Calrissian und der Flammenwind von Oseon, Goldmann, 1985.
Lando Calrissian und die Sternenhoele von Thon Boka, Goldmann, 1985.
Der Durch-Bruch, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1985.
Der Venus-Guertel, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1985.
Ihrer Majestaeten Kuebeliere, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1986.
Die Gallatin-Abweichung, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1986.
Der Nagasaki-Vektor, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1986.
Tom Paine Maru, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1986.


"Grimm's Law", Stellar Science Fiction Stories #5, Ed. Judy-Lynn del Rey, Del Rey, 1980, pp. 86-99;

"Grandfather Clause", Stellar Science Fiction Stories #6, Ed. Judy-Lynn del Rey, Del Rey, 1980, pp. 147-160;

"Folger's Factor", Stellar Science Fiction Stories #7, Ed. Judy-Lynn del Rey, Del Rey, 1981, pp. 90-99.

"The Spirit of Exmas Sideways", Alternatives, Ed. Robert Adams and Pamela Crippen Adams, Baen, 1989, pp. 69-120.

"Embarrassment Box", New Libertarian #187, Vol. 4, No. 20 & Vol. 5, No. 9 & 10, 1990, pp. 6-11.

"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Launch", Open Space, Vol. 1, No. 3, Marvel Graphics, June 1990, pp. 1-20.

"A Matter of Certainty", in Free Space, edited by Brad Linaweaver and Edward E. Kramer, Tor Books, 1997.

TANSTAAFL! (newsletter written, edited and published by L. Neil Smith)

APAlogia: A Journal of Unanimous Consent (small magazine edited by Cathy L.Z. Smith and published by L. Neil Smith)

Lever Action Letters (series of Second Amendment essays written and published by L. Neil Smith, now being prepared as a book)

Articles in: Colorado Liberty, Guns Magazine, Laissez Faire Books Catalog, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Libertarian Party News, Nomos, Orange County Register, Reason/Frontlines.


"Ziggy" by Tom Wilson
"Frank and Ernest" by Bob Thaves
Chon Day in The New Yorker
Doug Sneyd in Playboy
Rex F. May ("Baloo") in The Wall Street Journal
Bunny Host in Parade Magazine
"Atlantea the Beautiful", with Rex F. May, Fort Collins Comic News
"Wyggle and the Worme", with Rex F. May, Fort Collins Comic News


Frequent studio and telephone radio interviews
TV interviews and panel discussions
Regular talk radio appearances
Telephone convention addresses
Live convention and rally addresses
GEnie "real-time" interview teleconference
Internet/Usenet/Libernet participant
Editor, Lever Action BBS


Shady Grove Singers, 1962-1964, founder and leader
Rough Riders, 1962-1964, founder and leader
The Original Beautiful Dreamer Marching Jug Band, 1964-1965, founder and leader
Rough Riders II, 1965, founder and leader


L. Neil Smith is probably the most widely-published and prolific living libertarian author in the world. He attended Colorado State University between 1964 and 1969, majoring in philosophy and psychology, with a principal interest in antropology and human evolution. In 1969 he started a small retail firearms business which he operated until 1975 and at about the same time served as a reserve police officer for the city of Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition to writing, he is a competition metallic-silhouette (NRA Hunter's Pistol) and NRA Falling Plate shooter, has run for political office (Colorado House of Representatives), and is a full-time husband and father.

Founder, Libertarian Futurist Society
Founder, Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus
Member, Colorado Libertarian Party Platform Committee, 1974
Member, Libertarian Party National Platform Committee 1977, 1979
Member, Weld County Fish & Wildlife Association
Life Member, National Rifle Association
Candidate, Colorado House of Representatives, 1978
Political Action Director, Colorado Libertarian Party 1979

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