A New Hardcover Edition!

by Robert Heinlein
reviewed by L. Neil Smith

Libertarians had long suspected that Robert Heinlein might be one of them, but in 1966, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress surprised even those raised on Double Star and Red Planet. "Loonies"—criminal and political transportees—revolt against brutal Terran Authority, led by a philosophy professor, a host-mother, a sapient computer named Mycroft Holmes, and his friend, a high-tech handyman. With them, we follow the revolt from its accidental beginning, through its belated planning stages, to a climax where a unique weapon is devised to make Earth surrender.

At a moment in history when Americans were putting their brains on Hold or reactionarily tightening the national orifice, Mistress recapitulated the events of 1776 and reaffirmed the intellectual revolution on which they were predicated, while telling a compelling story with persuasive, likeable characters. The literature of liberty offers too few adventures like this. Mistress is as welcome now as it was then.

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